Disaster Preperation Contracting Services

At Echelon Contracting & Restoration we provide our clients with a superior finished product that can withstand unforeseen circumstances for years. Our services include the ability to retrofit/restore existing buildings and structures or construct your project from the ground up. Our unique and luxurious homes can be designed and customized by Echelon or we can build in conjunction with owner approved architects.

From customized homes that are only ordinary in appearance to panic rooms, cave build-outs, underground hidden spaces, hidden rooms within the structure, escape passages, or vaulted and reinforced gun safes, we can provide you with a range of unique solutions that will exceed your expectations. Our custom structures and owner specified builds can provide you with alternative power, HEPA air filtration systems, top of the line security systems, safe and purified water systems, and many other exclusive options customized to your needs.

And for the discerning client, we can also provide a Risk Management Evaluation based on your specific needs. This typically includes assessing assets, threats, vulnerabilities, as well as providing you with countermeasures to effectively mitigate any risks associated with unforeseen circumstances. The options and methodology we bring to the table incorporates multiple facets from construction management to Risk management. We currently operate in the United States and can travel to your destination based on contractual agreements.

Echelon Disaster Preperation Services Missoula Montana

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